My Research Concept Map

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3 Responses to My Research Concept Map

  1. Karen says:

    Your topics area are important yet go in many directions. In class, we will work to develop specific questions about these topics and try to find pivotal overlaps or places that resonate with you and the current times.

  2. kuenbird says:

    Thank you, Karen! I’ve developed some questions but I’m not sure whether they are specific or not. For example,
    What are the differences between Comparative-international Education and Community-based Education?
    How is Multicultural Art Education different from Global Education?
    What are the definitions of Creativity?
    How to teach creatively?
    How to teach students to be creative?
    … … ..
    Yes, let’s discuss them in class.

    • Karen says:

      After reading your interview essay, I suggest you look to postcolonial theories and critical race theories (see PSU group in the grad website at

      In relation to arts-based research and early childhood see:

      Sheridan, K. (2009). Studio thinking in early childhood. In M. J. Narey (Ed). Making meaning: Constructing multimodal perspectives of language, literacy, and learning through arts-based early childhood education. Springer: New York.

      Reisberg, M. (2008). Maya Gonzalez: Portrait of the artist as a radical children’s book illustrator. Visual Culture & Gender, 3. Retrieved from

      Keifer-Boyd, K. (2010). Arts-based research as social justice activism: Insight, inquiry, imagination, embodiment, relationality. International Review of Qualitative Research, 4(2), 32-58.

      In relation to China see: Chinavine @

      Blandy, D. & Congdon, K. G. (2010). The making of Chinavine: Partnering across countries. In A. Arnold, E. Delacruz, A. Kuo, & M. Parsons (Eds.), Globalization, art, and education. Reston, VA: NAEA.

      PSU Spring semester courses:
      HIST 483 Chinese Society and Culture to 1800
      HIST 486: Twentieth-Century China
      PL SC 458: PL SC 458 Government and Politics of East Asia Government and Politics of East Asia

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