When I am traveling…

My attempt to pursue a doctorate is like traveling to explore the unknown.  One doesn’t know where they will end up, what feelings will result, who will be met, or what challenges will be encountered along the way.
As an explorer traveling in the vast world of art education, I would like to focus on the field of visualization through illustration linking nature and traditional culture, creativity in art and curriculum studies, as well as visual or textual literacy of early childhood. My interests have been nourished from the first day I stepped out of my home, new backpack on my shoulder, to travel solo 15 years ago. Combining art, nature, and culture in each trip, I have drawn and written in my sketchbooks. This illustrated collection documented my experiences, thoughts and ideas which also empowered me to become the present “me”.  I hope that I will have a chance to combine my own artwork to teaching children about this and other culturally diverse aesthetic fantastic art and traditions.
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